Society of Interpretive Historians, Inc.

also known as Royal North Carolina Re-enactors

We are a Living History Club, dedicated to the research, re-enactment, and interpretation of historical events, for the education of the general public. 

As a Club, Society of Interpretive Historians participates as a number of impressions, or recreated units.

As stated above, any member of the Club is welcome to participate in any impression or unit done by the Club, but must adhere to the specific safety & authenticity guidelines set out by the impression or unit.

 To be a member of the Society of Interpretive Historians, an individual must join or be a member of an existing unit or impression in the Club, and follow all of the guidelines of that unit or impression. 

New units or impressions formed within Royal North Carolina Reenactors OR existing units or impressions wishing to join the Club require a majority approval of the Board of Directors.

Some impressions or units may have higher costs, for instance, those involved in Artillery or Naval recreations, and the Commanders of those impressions may impose a yearly or per event fee to participate in those impressions or units, to help defray the higher costs. To reiterate, this additional fee would only be paid by those members of the club wishing to participate in those particular impressions or units.